Les offres d'assurance prévoyance

The word foresight is defined as "the quality of someone who expects events". Taking out a retirement contract is a way of anticipating risks such as death or disability to protect you or your family. Pension provision consists in protecting oneself from all life risks related to the person, both individually and professionally (group retirement contract). Pension provision covers two main areas of risk: the risks of death, disability, disability and dependency, the interruption or total suspension of professional action and de facto the insured's income and health expenses generated by hospitalizations, consultations and analyses (illness, maternity, etc.). ). Contact Only Yacht to find out more. In the event of the danger occurring, benefits are paid in cash. The pension offer is a security system that corresponds to the system that is mandatory. Social security compensates each of these dangers, but does not fully pay for the insured's loss of income.

What is individual accident insurance?

In life, only two accidents systematically result in compensation for the victim's bodily injuries: occupational accidents and road accidents. In various cases, no reimbursement is possible unless you have taken out private accident insurance. No one is protected against injuries in the event of an accident or a national sporting event and not all injuries are covered by insurance; it must be said that surgical operations and their effects, of any kind, are not covered by private accident insurance, as they are therefore not considered accidents. In order to minimize the effects of an accident, damage insurance is necessary in life. For a superyacht construction insurance, contact a professionnal.

Life insurance: more information

Life insurance is a very attractive contract for anyone who wants to save, whether it is to pass on an inheritance or to benefit from a supplementary pension. It is not for nothing that this positioning remains the preferred option of the French. But despite everything, it is a contract on which many people have several questions. Life insurance is not an investment collected only in the event of the contributor's death, it is even the opposite that happens. This contract, also known as a "life insurance policy", allows the insured to receive the amount he or she has stored in the event of death at the time of conclusion of the contract.

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